139 Intercourse Positions Illustrated To Spice Up Your Love Life

139 Intercourse Positions Illustrated To Spice Up Your Love Life

Bended Knee

Romantic undulating and sensual intercourse place this one on one human anatomy to human anatomy variation is fantastic for sluggish sex that is loving.

Let me reveal another variation on how best to do Bended Knee intercourse place.

Bent Sp letter

Open her up with this one as she lies for you and also you pull her knees right up against her upper body.

Big Dipper

Are you currently strong sufficient for the dipper that is big? Obtain a ab that is serious while your at it. She’s got great leverage on you… Just keep your torso up long enough for her to enjoy it as she is standing and can work down.


Great shower quickie or intercourse sex variation coming directly in from behind without any fold.

B k Ends

Another exceptional loving position that is sexual b k ends lets you kiss and touch one another all over while both easily thrusting forward through the sides. Change up turns on thrusting. Allows a point that is narrow of as her feet are near together.

B ster chair

Another funny name the “b ster chair” works against a seat or raised object. Let her lean into you while you lean straight back using the stress down.

Not just one you’d be in a position to carry on with for just about any amount of time.


Versatile cock? We have no basic concept exactly how this might work mechanically. Get effortless regarding the downward thrust. Possibly it can make use of a semi erection. Bulldog

An actual animal position this one – You crouch because your standing it can get pretty rough over her and.

Bumper Cars

As s christian dating Australia n as again – versatile down their? A novel sex position – decide to try raise her sides up by having a pillow to permit you easier access.


In the event that you don’t head having a face packed with ass the butler is actually for you. A feeling is had by me that’s just what it absolutely was made for.


Does your gf appear to be a butterfly? Appreciate her human body while you kneel in as she lays back on the bed. Obtain the bed height right and that one will get extremely sexy.

Cinema Stroke

Another dental intercourse place that just about allows her to conceal her actions.


A fantastic slim entry place extremely comfortable for the the two of you exceptional thrusting place


Perhaps one of the most popular woman on the top jobs until you get to frustrated and start thrusting hard from underneath that is as she can control the angle and pace!

Get from cow girl into crab! It’s an leg that is easy movement which may be lots of fun. Her f t are actually close to the face… You is able to see far more of what’s taking place down their when you l k at the position that is crab.


Along with your arms clasping her thrusting butt your sure to have turned utilizing the cradle.


Ask her to pull her knees up near to her breasts to help you go appropriate in. The cross is an enjoyable sex that is relaxing nonetheless it does not have closeness.


Most readily useful shower intercourse place ever! Grab one leg or ankle and take control. Exceptional for sex outside or about the home. Since your standing up it is possible to actually get some g d torque going!

Deck Seat

Get her feet floating around like she just don’t care! The deck seat or some variation from it is just a trusted place… Great view and great penetration that is deep.

Deep Effect

Get the legs up woman! Get the sleep height perfect and you may deep go balls with this particular one. Sluggish and steady strokes wins the competition…

Deeply Stick

More or less such as the deck chair… Get her feet over your arms and move on to work.


Great visuals on her behalf vagina additionally the real in person human body to human body contact will drive her crazy. Your kneeling will enable amazing thrusting ability while she controls the angle and depth… A delightful sex place certainly.

Doggy Design

DOGGY STYLE. Is this perhaps not the essential popular intercourse place of them all? Females appear to adore being screwed from behind inspite of the not enough intimacy. It may you should be our animal past shining through here.

Doggy Style – Standing

Have the friction on with standing doggy – she holds on for dare life whilst you aim for your lifetime.


Just like the pile driver… sort of midway between! Great angle and visuals.


Bit of a name that is ruthless drill! Wrap her feet across the straight back of you and pin her down against the sleep.


Why adhere to the regular cunnilingus whenever you can make use of the drive thru? She can actually move and force your face between her feet using this one.

Ear Muffs

The muffs means he legs wrapped around the head… a g d sex that is oral to experience. She will love you because of it.

Eve’s Ecstasy

She can be forced by her ass right down in addition to both you and assist you to lick her by utilizing her hands. Great fingering position for you t . Never ever considered making use of these sex that is oral? Well now you know of them… Try em tonight!