Basic Blackjack Strategy Charts

Basic Blackjack Strategy Charts

With online and brick-and-mortar casinos, the legit operators do not want to risk their license or their reputation. Many online casinos are traded on the London Stock Exchange. Many are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gaming Authority, or Malta Gaming Authority. That being said, casinos always try to get an advantage on players with special house rules.

When you are playing, it is sure that you will lose at the game more than you will win. When losing, maintain a positive attitude and a calm demeanor. This will help you make better calculated moves to ensure your winnings. To become a better player at blackjack, it is important that you go beyond the cheat sheet.

For the most part, blackjack cheat apps on iTunes or Google Play provide nothing more than easy access to basic strategy cheat sheets on your smartphone. “Black Jack Cheat Sheet” by Jeremy Breaux on iTunes or “Blackjack Cheat Sheet” by Wanted Star on Google Play are good examples. Some, such as “BlackJack Cheats Free” by JustInG, are tools that help you count cards.

Using a blackjack cheat sheet is a good way for beginners to learn the ins and outs of the game. The blackjack cheat sheet shouldn’t make your decisions for you but it can be a great reference to see statistically what your best move would be. Not all blackjack tables abide by the same set of rules. Some combinations will have different recommendations depending on the rules of your table. Make sure you know what these rules are before consulting the cheat sheet.

The blackjack cheat sheet below is for Vegas USA blackjack, with 4 or more decks, and a dealer that stands on a soft 17. This is basic blackjack strategy at its most general, adaptable to many common rule variations.

Both are useful, but the card counting apps are the ones which give a player a theoretical advantage. It is important to note that the card counting rule does not work at the online gaming platform. So you have to stick with the basic strategy of blackjack when you are playing online.

One other crucial thing to watch out for when you are playing blackjack or any other casino game for that matter is your mental attitude. An individual’s mental attitude is the manner in which they respond to situations that they do not have control over. Whenever you are at the game table, always have a positive outlook at things.

Know the rules online and land-based casinos use to increase their house edge over blackjack players and avoid those games. You’ve probably seen advertisements for a “blackjack cheating app” or “blackjack cheating devices”.