Meritt Ebony SMB Capital Futures. Big Mike, Web Site Administrator

Meritt Ebony SMB Capital Futures. Big Mike, Web Site Administrator

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Predicated on feedback from MB, We have made a decision to take away the greater part of my initial review.

My primary grievance ended up being it was hard for me to figure out what he had been doing through the videos. Although it was not the main focus back at my review, we felt the method for revoking my account ended up being brief circuited. I experienced a good time on the afternoon my account ended up being revoked. I experienced a good day in real time as well as on simulated records and I also delivered or agreed to send MB a trade blotter showing it. Nevertheless, he claimed he did not receive it. Predicated on a few of their individual feedback, I made a decision to get rid of this review because as a developing trader i don’t need any kind of distraction or negativity during my life.

Within the original review, I suggested if anyone were interested to understand just just just what he had been doing they should make their very own individual evaluation rather than count on my review because, while truthful, it had been centered on restricted experience.

I’ve now unsubscribed using this thread and won’t be after going forward.

He was previously user right here. I believe he had been prohibited after some meltdown. His handle was something such as indexTrader7.

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SMB is a prop that is quite respectable and they’ve got good things like Friday ask me anything sessions, but i do believe their training is means overpriced. They do run some in home training in my opinion, yet still price a small fortune. Additionally, these people were announcing a Futures trade desk lead by Ben Greene (marketplace Structure and Flow) but never heard such a thing for this any longer.

We went to several of their Friday sessions that are great for your development if you should be trying to make inquiries and hear from prop traders, nonetheless it ain’t going to allow you to lucrative.

I’m not sure they are well known in the industry by looking at the people that refer them whether they are top or not, but. They will have good recommendations from e.g. other prop companies and well understood educators. We concur that their training isn’t one thing unique. this is why i do believe it really is overpriced. their primary advantage is the fact that they’ve been a prop company and their experiences. but experience is significantly dubious since markets change on a regular basis. I suppose if you are dealing with mind-set they might educate you on a training or two.

I happened to be made alert to the sour claims regarding the OP with this thread yesterday, and I also woke up today comprehending that I experienced to face up for the truth with this matter today, in order for is really what i have done right here. As an associate regarding the slack space for over a 12 months, We have an excellent concept of exactly what continues on there.

The OP had not been gotten well within the space. The OP declined to follow along with obviously laid out guidelines for the space – even with Merritt warned him many times. Let me reveal an example of his very very very first (and final) time into the space:

Even notice how relieved the available room had been if the OP ended up being eliminated (by their emojis).

I can’t speak highly enough of his transparency, willingness to help others, and the quality of the community he is building as I mentioned, watching Merritt for over a year trade each and every day.